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Hair Care


In order to best care for your human hair extensions to maximize its luminosity and lifespan Arvene hair should be treated like your own.

1. When washing natural hair extensions, detangle hair from roots to ends.  It is best to use shampoos and conditioners without sulfates as these kinds of products cause dryness and split ends.


2. Carefully wash natural hair extensions with tepid water and mild shampoo. Manipulate the hair gently and do not rub or twist the hair in order to avoid tangles.

3. Follow the shampoo with a conditioner.

4. Squeeze the excess of the water out and pat dry with a towel. Avoid rubbing and rolling the towel into the hair.

5. It is suggested to avoid over using heat styling products. Air drying Arvene hair is suggested over blow drying. If you must blow dry, use a heat protectant product.  Arvene hair can be straightened and curled with heated styling appliances however it is recommended to use heat protectant products.

6. Arvene Remy human hair clip in extensions should be lain flat to dry.

7. Curly Arvene natural hair extensions should be let to air dry or dryed with a diffuser.

8. It is important to not use a blow dryer to apply heat over adhesives of bonded Remy hair extensions.

9.  Do not over brush your Arvene natural hair extensions as this may lead to damaged and brittle hair. Curly hair and wavy extensions should be gently manipulated, it is recommended to instead run fingers through them.

*Natural hair extensions should not be washed daily this will dry hair out, wash hair every 3-4 days if it is worn all day every day.


Conditioning Hair


Hair conditioner can help prevent tangles, replenish moisture and keep hair looking healthy. When choosing a conditioner for your Arvene natural hair extensions consider the following:

*A heat protectant conditioner provides your hair with a layer of protection from heated styling tools. Any type of heat styling appliance can damage your hair causing it to lose its shine. If your hair extensions become damaged they will require to be replaced.

*A leave in conditioner can help to replenish the luster and health of your hair. This kind of conditioner is lighter than the regular conditioner that you would repeatedly wash out.

*Another type of conditioner is a lightweight oil such as avocado or aragon oil. It is important to use a small amount to avoid causing the hair to appear oily. Apply a small amount of these types of conditioner to your hair when wet.



*Serum based leave in conditioners often contain a lot of alcohol. Alcohol ingredients dry out human hair. It is best to use products which replenish hair moisture.


Hair Brushing Tip


*Remember to brush hair gently when taking care of natural hair. Starting from the ends of the hair grasp a firm hold of hair extensions and brush with a large toothed comb from grip to tip. Once the hairs are loose and detangled move grip further up towards top and brush down from the grip. Continue to comb the hair below the grip. Brushing in sections will help reduce hair loss and damage.


How long Arvene natural hair extensions will last


Arvene natural hair extensions can last from 6 months to over a year depending upon the level of hair care. It is not uncommon for quality human hair extensions to last a year. If the hair is not treated with respect they will require to be replaced more frequently. Coloring, blow drying, and straightening can all affect the overall lifespan of your Arvene hair. Use heat protectant products when styling with heated appliances.

*Remember the less manipulation Arvene hair receives, the longer it will last.

*Storage of your natural hair extensions is a part of hair care. We suggest storing your hair extensions in a hat box; this will keep your Arvene hair free of dust, reduce tangles and maintain their desired shape. A good quality plastic sealed bag may be used for short term storage if a hat box is unavailable.


Dying hair


One of the many benefits of Arvene quality hair extensions is that they can be dyed! When dying your Arvene natural hair extensions remember that lighter hair colors are easier to dye than darker tones. Purchasing lighter hair extensions to dye dark may be easier than lifting dark hair extensions to a lighter color. We suggest choosing hair extensions which are closest to the final color you desire. It is not much better to choose really light hair color and dye it many shades darker. Two to three shades of difference in color help maintain the integrity of the hair. It is important to use a quality hair dye and consult an experienced professional. Excessive hair dying will shorten the lifespan of your Arvene hair extensions.

Many hair extension users opt to purchase two sets of hair extensions, each being a different color and using them to obtain a layered and two toned look. This allows the hair to remain in optimal condition and provides you with a variety of looks.

It is important to note that various types of hair dye react differently to different types of hair. We suggest testing out a small section of your natural hair extensions with quality hair dye. This will allow you to observe the final color without dying all of your hair extensions. For a perfect match it is recommended to dye your own hair and your hair extensions the same color.


Why Choose Human Hair Extensions


Human hair extensions certainly do cost more than synthetic hair extensions, so why choose human hair? Human hair is the best option for hair extensions because of the many benefits it provides. Human hair extensions can be dyed and styled with heated appliances, shampooed and conditioned. Synthetic hair does not provide you with such flexibility in styling. Human hair extensions are made of real hair so they look and feel like your own, synthetic extensions can leave you with a look which is fake. The benefits well outweigh the extra costs for human hair extensions as they can be treated like your own hair. An added bonus is that human hair has a longer lifespan than their synthetic counterparts. Tangling and matting are often common with synthetic hair as they do not contain any natural cuticles. Synthetic hair is the cost efficient option for short term occasional use whereas human hair extensions provide flexibility in styling, durability and a longer lifespan.