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1. How do I care for my Arvene Virgin Remi hair?

Be gentle when caring for your Arvene hair to avoid damage. Brush hair carefully. It is best to use moisturizing hair products to keep the extensions healthy. Conditioning hair will also prolong its life. Keep up with your trims, in order to avoid split ends. Apply a heat protectant when using heated hair appliances to keep locks strong and looking great.

2. Where does Virgin Remi hair come from?

Virgin Remi hair is usually hair that has been collected from a donor. There are various reasons why an individual may decide to donate their hair. Virgin Remi Indian hair is the most popular type.

3. What does Virgin hair mean?

Virgin refers to the treatment of the hair after it has been collected.  Virgin hair is gently conditioned and free of harsh chemical treatments in order to preserve its natural appearance. It is free of dyes and has not been processed.

4. What does Remi hair mean?

Remi hair strands are aligned to flow in one direction. Hair extensions are often coated with silicon in order to control their appearance. This usually wears away after a few washes. Remi hair is not coated with this silicon so hair will not become matted or tangled easily.

5. How long can I expect to keep my Arvene Virgin Remi Hair?

Arvene Virgin Remi hair can last for months. The better care taken of your quality hair extensions, the longer they will last

6. How do I remove my Arvene hair?

Removal of hair extensions is a simple procedure which does not damage your own hair. An appointment with your stylist is all you need.

7. Can I color my natural Virgin Remi hair?

Yes!  Arvene hair is made of human hair so it can be colored just like your own. Lighter hair is usually easier to color than dark. It is important to use high quality hair dye and it is best to test a small sample first.

8. How do I choose hair extensions which are right for me?

Consider the look you would like to achieve.  Select hair texture and a color which best match your own hair in order to minimize any difference.

9. How do I wash my Virgin Remi  Arvene hair?

Arvene hair should be treated like your own. Use a mild shampoo and deep conditioner regularly.  Moisturizing your hair will also help to increase your extensions lifespan.

10. Why should I consider using Arvene hair extensions?

Arvene hair is 100% natural. Using hair extensions has become as common as wearing jewelry or makeup. They can be used to achieve different looks and to change up styles or highlight facial features. Try out some of our different hair and colors to highlight your assets!

11. What color should I choose?

When selecting your hair extensions, choosing the color closest to your natural color would make it undetectable for onlookers, so it does not appear to be a wig. However you may also choose a color which is slightly different to compliment your own color and to add texture and style.

12. Will people know I am wearing extensions?

Arvene hair is real hair it surely doesn’t get anymore natural than that. The Remi wefts are designed to move in the same direction so that it may easily integrate and flow with your own hair.

13. What are hair extensions?

Hair extensions are tracks of hair which can be attached to your own for the appearance of longer fuller head of hair. Arvene hair is 100% human hair.

14. Why should I choose Arvene hair?

Arvene hair extensions are 100% human hair. Arvene Remi Virgin hair is the most natural hair pieces around.  It certainly does not get any better than non-chemically treated natural human hair. The Indian and Brazilian Arvene hair are full of body and luminous shine. Our product is made up of carefully selected healthy and voluminous hair pieces to ensure that you will have heads turning.